Sunday, May 9, 2010

Budget Bride-To-Be - Famous YANIE AND EKOT from Inani Craft

~Pengantin Budget2 _ Rakan yang dipercayai~
Hi there, Welcome to Pengantin Budget!
In 2009/2010, this is among the sold out item wedding gift from Inani Craft
"YANIE" - the famous one from Inani Craft. Starting from March 2010, all "YANIE" mechandise will be decorated like EKOT as you can see here.
YANIE price: RM 2.20
Size:62 x 62 x 45 mm
p/s: Discount 5% for purchases made above 500 pieces Discount 10% for purchases above 1,000 pieces
So, do grab this opportunity, when you save more, the more and merrier your wedding will be.
Kindly contact through email ( ) or ring: Amy, (016-2514746)
Amy, Budget Bride-to-be ;)

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